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Performance Coaching


What is the first question great performers and leaders ask repeatedly? A simple one. How can I/we get better? The second question? One which can be problematic for many of us. Where do we start? As your coach, we are the person that can help you reframe what’s possible. There are many ways to describe the role: critical friend, advocate, confidante, cheerleader and even punchbag. But the essence of the role is straightforward: we help you improve the performance of you, your teams and your business.

Career Coacing


Are you a business owner or leader that wants more?  More balance? More growth? Or simply to do more of what you enjoy. At Avenue Coaching and Consultancy, we work with founders and leaders who are making the step to deliver results through the performance of their people.

The opportunity to step back or let go can be equally exciting and daunting.  We create channels for your team to influence the definition, articulation and delivery of your company's culture and strategy, enabling them to feel more emotionally engaged and invested.

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Busness Consultancy
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Do you know what makes high performing teams work? Your people are your biggest asset but could be your biggest risk.  We can create a program of bespoke workshops centered around the team's specific development needs, using a blend of training, mentoring and coaching. Teams who trust one another, that can resolve conflict swiftly and also understand their collective impact on your company's strategy will perform better.  Including group and team coaching sessions in your program enables a peer-to-peer learning culture, where people are encouraged to share challenges, support solutions and have opportunities to apply their learning

in real time.

Operations Deelopmen


How self-aware are you?  What are your strengths?  What gets you frustrated and what helps you flourish? Can you answer these questions for each member of your team, not just for yourself?

Whether you are looking to hire or develop skills within your business there are various tools that can help you identify the right people for the right roles.  Profiling tools can also help build capability in many areas including sales, leadership, communication and decision making.

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