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Gemma Cubit


My name is Gemma. I founded Avenue Coaching and Consultancy to help businesses and leaders get the most out of their people.

I learned what works (and what does not) through experience in a company which went from a start-up to the FTSE 100. It was the blend

of corporate life and entrepreneurial spirit that formed the basis of my

20-year career in professional services. I achieved so much through the practical application of what I learned, fostering strong relationships and ultimately hard work!

It follows that my approach as a coach and consultant is based in real experience – there was no hiding place. The biggest gains to a business can be seen from greater productivity and smart utilisation of its’ resources. These gains can be found in the performance of individuals and dynamic teams.

We unlock the potential in people. Whether it is training, coaching or advice, we work with empathy, curiosity, and energy to enhance performance. We cut through the noise and create the space to work out what really matters and how to achieve it.

We also build capability for the long-term. We have all felt the excitement at overcoming an obstacle or reaching a new goal that had previously felt out of reach. We delight in helping others experience these moments and we take pride in the business benefits which follow these breakthroughs. 


Avenue Coaching and Consultancy – creating your path to success.


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